The Witch’s Book of Self-Care

Author: Arin Murphy-Hsicock

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The critical need for self-care as a general theme kept surfacing in my life for a few years leading up to this book. My publisher suggested I write something along the spiritual self-care line, and I was struck by how timely it was in my own life. I got to examine my coping mechanisms  (both positive and negative) and isolate the ways in which I handled stress, and work through them in a way that helped me, and could also help others.

It also had the associated consequence of a divine two-by-four, the effects of which I’m still handling. I was juggling a zillion things when I was asked to write it, and I had to weigh the pros and cons before accepting the offer. In the end I decided putting the book out there was important enough to short my own self-care for a while. I got through it, and my doctor placed me on formal medical leave for eight months after this book was handed in.

I absolutely made the right decision, because I think the topic of self-care is really important in general, but it certainly had repercussions. Part of self-care is knowing and accepting the consequences of something, and going into a situation with your eyes open and with all the facts. I did that, and I’m not sorry. I’m still handling the long-term healing, that’s all, and I am stronger now than I was before it all.

I really want to underline the idea that you are worth taking care of. I know how hard it can be when you’re in a crappy situation and you feel like there’s no way out. Even if you can’t throw it all out and start again, you can make small changes to remind yourself that you are worth it, and work on it incrementally; it can be a long road, and it’s an ongoing pursuit. Being in a bad place doesn’t mean that’s the kind of life you merit. Everyone deserves respect, health, and happiness!


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