The House Witch


Originally published as Way of the Hedge Witch in 2009

The House Witch was a natural next step for me after writing The Green Witch. Hearthcraft is one of the cores of my personal practice. The home is one of the most important spaces in your life, be it long-term or temporary. It’s in your best interest to make it as secure and supportive as possible, even if it’s just a single room in someone else’s house. A lot of people ask me what the difference is between hearthcraft and kitchen witchery. I feel kitchen witchery is focused on practical magic done within the kitchen itself, associated with food and herbal-based energy. There’s absolutely an element of that within hearthcraft, and kitchen witchery is certainly an aspect of hearthcraft practice, but hearthcraft goes beyond kitchen magic to encompass the energies of the entire home, the people living in it, the land around it, and honoring the spiritual aspect of all those things and how they interact. It specifically focuses on the home and living space.