Protection Spells

Protection Spells takes that theme and follows it out of the home and into the world beyond. Protection at work, while travelling, and for others are common.

The Green Witch’s Garden

A book about how to weave magic into your gardening, and how to bring gardening into your magical practice, even if you live in a one-room apartment that faces north.

The Green Witch’s Grimoire

Being an intuitive witch who responds to the energy of a time, place, and situation, records can be tricky things. I’m much more likely to journal if there’s a habit in place and if the experience is as pleasant as possible. I know many people like me in this matter, and that’s part of how The Green Witch’s Grimoire was born.

The Witch’s Book of Self-Care

I think the topic of self-care is really important in general. Part of self-care is knowing and accepting the consequences of something, and going into a situation with your eyes open and with all the facts.

The Pregnant Goddess

I wrote the book I had wanted to read during my first pregnancy. How could I practice my nature-based spirituality and do energy work safely during gestation? What was a way to explore and appreciate the shifts in my own energy and psyche as my pregnancy progressed? How could I look to the mythology of the triple goddess to guide me from the stage of Maiden to Mother?

The Hidden Meaning of Birds

2019 Originally published as Birds: A Spiritual Field Guide in 2012 Well-Read Naturalist

The House Witch

2018 Originally published as Way of the Hedge Witch in 2009 The House Witch was a natural next step for me after writing The Green Witch. Hearthcraft is one of the cores of my personal practice. The home is one of the most important spaces in your life, be it long-term or temporary. It’s in …

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