The Green Witch’s Grimoire


I talk a lot about keeping clear records in all my books, and there are good reasons for that.

I love to journal. As a writer, I also love blank books and fancy pens. As an academic, I know how critical it is to keep track of your sources and be able to return to them. As a witch, I know I need to make detailed notes after improvised spells and rituals, clear lists of ingredients for various herbal combinations for different purposes, and be able to consult previous records to update results and consequences, all in the name of making my practice as informative and coherent as possible.

Being an intuitive witch who responds to the energy of a time, place, and situation, records can be tricky things. I’m much more likely to journal if there’s a habit in place and if the experience is as pleasant as possible. I know many people like me in this matter, and that’s part of how The Green Witch’s Grimoire was born.

It also came about because people have told me that keeping records is challenging for them from an organizational aspect. They start in one way, it doesn’t work for whatever reason, and so they stop. Or they have a lot of information, but it’s scattered. So The Green Witch’s Grimoire has suggestions for how to organize your information, how to plan out records, and ideas for journalling.

Am I perfect at keeping records? I’m really not. But I do have a lot of tricks that can help different people looking to do different things with their information.

Grimoire: A Personal—& Magical—Record of Spells, Rituals, & Divinations This one is a complement to my previous book, which is about how to design and build your own collection of wisdom, references, and records. While working on The Green Witch’s Grimoire, my publisher and I realized that offering a book with examples of some of the basic information a witch consults frequently, templates for recording spells, rituals, and research—along with lots of empty pages for adding your own work—might be something readers were interested in, especially people who for whatever reason cannot (or don’t want to) go into the deep details about designing their own book. It’s pretty, too; the design department did a beautiful job. I like the size of it. The pages offer lots of space to write on, draw on, and add stickers or printouts.